Samsung and Google promote their hardware-software

Samsung and Google have been acting like long-lost brothers who haven’t seen each other in years and are now back in each other’s lives. Samsung and Google have collaborated on a website that you can find right here. The website displays the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G and while the focus is on Samsung’s hardware, it is also on Google’s software. As the website says, “Every moment, every laugh, and every victory can be shared using your favorite Google apps.”  
To celebrate their growing relationship, a new commercial has been created showing off the strengths that each company brings to the partnership. The ad starts by focusing on the Hum to Search feature found on the Android and iOS Google apps. Open the app and ask Google “What is this song?” and you’ll be asked to “hum, whistle or sing a melody” for 10 to 15 seconds.

The result not only shows cover art, but it also shows the match percentage. Embarrassingly, my hummed rendition of a unique song like the Beatles’ Day Tripper weighed in at only 38%. Ouch. This feature isn’t new, but it is seen at the beginning of the commercial as a dinner party guest is trying to remember a tune stuck in his head. Google Search identifies the song and sends it to a Samsung television.

After more examples to convince you that Samsung with Google is the best team since Batman and Robin (or Jordan and Pippin, Abbott and Costello, or any other super duo you can think of), the “Make it epic” tagline surfaces, and the ad concludes with images of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Galaxy Watch 4 with Google Assistant.

This sounds like a great ad, but to be honest, we haven’t seen it yet since it has limited distribution in movie theaters (where 9to5Google viewed it) and online. As soon as we find a version of the ad that we can share with you, we will add it to this article.