REGULAR MEETING OF THE CITY COUNCIL COUNCIL CHAMBERS, CITY HALL MITCHELL, SOUTH DAKOTA July 18, 2022 6:00 P.M. PRESENT: Dan Allen, Marty Barington, John Doescher, Kevin McCardle, Steve Rice, Dan Sabers, Jeffrey Smith, Susan Tjarks ABSENT: PRESIDING: Mayor Bob Everson AGENDA: Moved by Rice, seconded by McCardle, to approve the following items on the consent agenda: a. City Council Minutes 1. City Council July 5, 2022. b. Committee Reports 1. Planning Commission June 27, 2022. c. Department Reports 1. Sales Tax Collections (June), 2. Finance (June), 3. Building Permits (June), 4. Police (June), 5. Fire/EMS (June), 6. Code Enforcement (June), 7. Water (June), and 8. Airport (June). d. MADC Quarterly Report e. Automatic Supplement to General Fund-Cemetery in the amount of $7,177.00 from a donation of funds. f. Automatic Supplement to Parks-Recreation Center in the amount of $2,000.00 from a donation of funds. g. Automatic Supplement to Parks-Cadwell in the amount of $12,053.75 from a donation of funds. h. Automatic Supplement to Parks-Cadwell in the amount of $14,164.00 from insurance proceeds. i. Application for South Dakota Department of Health Improvement Innovation Grant. j. Special Event Application for Corn Palace Festival from August 23-29, 2022. k. Special Event Application for VFW Chili Cookoff on October 1, 2022. l. Main Street parking closures requested by businesses for Crazy Days from July 22-24, 2022. m. Set date 1:30 pm July 20, 2022 for bid opening for Recreation Center Phase II Project #2022-50. n. Pay Estimates July 18, 2022 Pay Estimate #16 in the amount of $27,428.13 for Landfill Cell #4 #2021-08 contracted to Helms & Associates, Pay Estimate #16 in the amount of $41,610.12 for North Wastewater Improvements #2021-31 contracted to HDR Engineering, Pay Estimate #1 in the amount of $2,550.00 for 223 North Main Window Repair #2022-24 contracted to Custom Carpentry, Pay Estimate #3 in the amount of $1,231.00 for Old Landfill Monitoring #2022-28 contracted to GeoTek Engineering, Pay Estimate #4 in the amount of $2,238.50 for New Landfill Monitoring #2022-29 contracted to GeoTek Engineering, Pay Estimate #2 in the amount of $17,001.90 for Dry Run Creek Lighting #2022-33 contracted to Builders Electric, and Pay Estimate #20 in the amount of $1,115.89 for AIP ’28 Airport ALP/Master Plan contracted to Helms & Associates. o. Approve Bills, Payroll, Salary Adjustments and New Employee Hires and Authorize Payment of Recurring and other expenses in advance as approved by the Finance Officer. PAYROLL JUNE 26, 2022 – JULY 9, 2022: City Council $3,411.04, Mayor $1,474.35, City Administrator $5,536.92, Attorney $4,601.23, Finance $13,382.13, Human Resources $3,703.82, Municipal Building $3,139.60, Information Technology $2,844.80, Police $70,585.64, Traffic $5,290.23, Fire $36,034.39, Street $32,172.43, Public Works $18,088.28, Cemetery $5,969.27, Animal Control $1,630.08, Library $14,440.17, Recreation & Aquatics $29,383.36, Recreation Center $15,293.58, Sports Complexes $16,298.33, Cadwell Concessions $612.99, Parks $21,194.05, Supervision $5,666.66, E911 $19,993.04, MVP $544.45, Palace Transit $24,535.39, JVCC $991.37, Nutrition $3,885.14, Water Distribution $15,450.15, Sewer $15,881.78, Airport $2,672.73, Recycling Program $6,731.16, Waste Collection $6,445.02, Landfill $9,729.43, Corn Palace $27,662.37, Golf Course $8,793.53, Campground $2,217.60, Emergency Medical Services $31,799.34. NEW HIRES: SPORTS COMPLEXES: Landon Sudbeck-$11.95 STREET: Joseph Bunker-$13.45 SALARY ADJUSTMENTS: FIRE: Colt Mayfield-$20.682 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Andrew Schneider-$35.560 POLICE: Curtis French-$26.409, Jaclyn Larson-$26.083, Paul Wilson-$31.818 PUBLIC WORKS: John Hegg-$33.826 SPORTS COMPLEXES: Shane Taylor-$22.220 TERMINATIONS: CORN PALACE: Mackenzie Cobb, Bradley Gates, Keith Gerlach, Jennifer Zens, Mark Zens SPORTS COMPLEXES: Shane Taylor WATER DISTRIBUTION: Darin Richey WARRANTS: A-Ox Welding Supply, Supplies-$317.67; AAA Lawn Care and Maintenance, Mowing-$1,892.00; Advance Auto Parts, Supplies-$16.09; AFLAC, Aflac Withholding-$10,863.68; AFLAC Group, Aflac Critical Care-$551.70; AFSCME Council 65, Union Dues-$511.51; Agronomy Plus, Supplies-$210.00; Al’s Engraving, Supplies-$22.90; Amazon Capital Services, Supplies-$459.71; Aqua-Pure, Supplies-$1,612.50; Aramark Uniform Services, Supplies-$230.81; Associated Supply, Supplies-$185.09; AT&T Mobility, Utilities-$547.06; ATV Holdings, LLC DBA Mitchell Telecom, Utilities-$2,517.86; Auto Glass Express, Repair-$265.00; Avera Occupational Medicine, Physical-$1,203.00; B-Y Water District, Utilities-$110,977.75; Baker Bros Electric, Repair-$122.45; Bechen Electric, Maintenance-$110.97; Bender’s Sewer Cleaning, Maintenance-$3,115.00; Big Daddy D’s, Contract Services-$3,915.00; BSN Sports, Supplies-$116.00; Buhl’s Drycleaning, Service-$48.00; Builders Electric, #2022-33 P.E.#2-$17,001.90; Butler Machinery, Supplies-$332.32; C&B Operations, Supplies-$478.35; Calvary Cemetery, Refund of fees-$1,800.00; Carolina Software, Supplies-$1,056.83; Carquest Auto Parts, Supplies-$117.96; CDW Government, Supplies-$176.69; Central Electric, Utilities-$10,408.00; Century Link, Utilities-$64.43; Chase Walder, Supplies-$100.00; City of Mitchell, Golf Course Deductions-$1,673.02; City of Mitchell, Recreation Deductions-$2,066.54; City of Mitchell, BID #2-$1,365.00; CK Bicycles & Locks, Supplies-$85.25; Coborns, Contract Services-$661.50; Coca Cola Bottling, Supplies-$1,056.42; Commercial Asphalt, Supplies-$10,834.95; Connections, Training-$2,114.70; Core & Main, Supplies-$32,590.12; Core-Mark Midcontinent, Supplies-$7,271.24; Corn Palace, Corn Palace Games-$30,305.45; County Fair, Contract Services-$645.75; Culligan Water, Rental-$50.00; Dakota Counseling, 3rd Quarter 2022 Allocation-$6,562.50; Dakota Fluid Power, Supplies-$122.60; Dakota Heartland Development, Annual Contribution-$7,500.00; Dakota Pump, Supplies-$141.15; Dakota Supply Group, Supplies-$2,394.33; Dakota Wesleyan University, Esports Park & Recreation-$858.50; Darrington Water Conditioning, Rent-$49.40; Davison Rural Water Systems, Utilities-$377.80; Delta Dental Plan of South Dakota, Dental Insurance-$14,373.14; Demco, Supplies-$268.02; Department of Agriculture, Permit-$200.00; Department of Motor Vehicle, 2020 Dodge 6623-$64.20; Department of Social Services, Child Support-$1,104.41; Dice Benefits Consulting, Administration Fees-$996.00; Dick’s Towing, Police Tow-$190.00; Dimock Dairy, Supplies-$894.00; Doug L Driggs, 2022-24 P.E.#1-$2,550.00; Dug Out, Contract Services-$922.00; Dakota Wesleyan University, Program Services-$2,250.00; Engineering Unlimited, Supplies-$82.15; Erickson Tree Service, Contract Work-$7,650.00; Eurofins Environment Testing, Lab-$3,413.62; Farmers Alliance, Supplies-$3,406.20; Ferguson Waterworks #2516, Supplies-$325.14; Foreup Golf Software, Supplies-$1,440.00; Forum Communications, Advertising-$1,011.93; Gaylen’s Homegrown Popcorn, Supplies-$1,689.60; Geocomm, Service Contract-$5,775.00; Geotek Engineering, 2022-28 P.E.#3-$5,001.50; GF Advertising Services, Supplies-$849.57; Golden West Technologies, Monitoring-$225.00; Graham Tire, Repair-$1,674.00; Grainger, Supplies-$147.26; Guardian Alliance Technology, Background-$140.00; Harve’s Pro Prints, Service-$129.00; Hawkins, Supplies-$8,057.48; HDR Engineering, 2021-31 P.E.#16-$41,610.12; Helms and Associates, 2021-8 P.E.#16-$28,544.02; Holiday Inn Hotel & Convention, Travel-$138.24; Howes Oil, Supplies-$29,696.28; Ican, Publishing-$750.00; Ingram Library Services, Books-$1,609.39; Innovative Office Solution, Supplies-$37.95; Interstate Office Products, Supplies-$88.34; James Valley Nursery, Supplies-$4,194.79; JD Concrete Products, Supplies-$389.00; Johnson Controls, Maintenance-$355.16; Jones Supplies, Supplies-$1,883.73; Kathy Hanks, Reimbursement-$35.97; Kay Park Recreation, Supplies-$7,177.00; Kevin Kenkel, Reimbursement-$45.00; Kimball-Midwest, Supplies-$260.88; Krohmer Plumbing, Supplies-$47,547.06; Lakeview Veterinary Clinic, Supplies-$1,059.52; Larry’s I-90 Service, Maintenance-$2,191.85; Leighton Family Farms, Concessions-$486.00; M & T Fire and Safety, Supplies-$7,689.00; McLeod’s Printing, Supplies-$539.80; Mega Wash, Supplies-$8.00; Menard’s, Supplies-$1,876.81; Meyers Oil, Supplies-$5,729.72; Michelle Bathke, Reimbursement-$119.84; Midcontinent Communication, Publishing-$860.00; Midwest Mini Melts, Supplies-$1,408.00; Midwest Turf & Irrigation, Supplies-$319.19; Mitchell Animal Rescue, July Payment-$350.00; Mitchell Area Development, 2022 3rd Quarter Allocation-$41,750.00; Mitchell Exchange Club, Employee Recognition-$750.00; Mitchell Main Street and Beyond, 2022 General Allocation-$8,750.00; Mitchell Park & Recreation, Supplies-$360.00; Mitchell Power Equipment, Supplies-$22.08; Mitchell Rotary Club, Dues-$233.50; Mitchell School District, Utilities-$1,988.61; Mitchell Technical College, Games Park & Recreation-$1,480.00; Mitchell United Way, United Way Deductions-$215.66; Mueller Lumber, Repair-$958.29; Muth Electric, Repair-$1,449.26; N-Able Solutions, Backup and Recovery-$5,984.02; Napa Central, Supplies-$23.37; NIHCA, Annual Membership-$99.00; Northwest Pipe Fittings, Repair-$1,717.56; Northwestern Energy & Communications, Utilities-$62,906.74; Online Computer Library Center, Subscription-$930.51; One Source the Background, Background Checks-$557.00; Overdrive, Ebooks-$1,805.72; Overtime Steak House and Sports Bar, Contract Services-$2,656.00; Parkeon, Alarms-$240.00; Pepsi Cola, Supplies-$3,916.80; Pigott, Supplies-$150.00; Premier Equipment, Supplies-$1,525.17; Premier Pest Control, Contract Services-$600.00; Public Health Laboratory, Lab-$410.00; Qualified Presort, Postage-$380.46; Roy King, Band Dance Fee-$225.00; Runnings Supply, Supplies-$2,169.55; S & M Printing, Supplies-$596.00; Saga Communications of South Dakota, Advertising-$986.00; Sally Friske, Lot 60 Block 4 Grave 1-$400.00; Santel Communications, Utilities-$106.16; Schmucker Paul & Nohr, Dailey Drive Project-$836.00; Schumacher Elevator, Maintenance-$219.12; South Dakota Department of Environment & Natural Resources, Solid Waste-$3,702.37; South Dakota Retirement System, Retirement Contributions-$53,401.16; South Dakota Supplemental Retirement, Supplemental Retirement-$3,439.80; South Dakota Supplemental Roth 457, Roth 457 Contributions-$1,253.50; Sherwin-Williams, Supplies-$132.13; Sign Solutions, Supplies-$222.12; Siteone Landscape Supply, Supplies-$289.75; South Dakota 811, Professional Service-$260.40; Standard Insurance, Life Insurance-$2,425.92; Staples, Supplies-$4.03; Steve Schladweiler, Supplies-$320.00; Stitchtogether, Supplies-$15.00; Stryker, Supplies-$1,501.76; Sturdevants, Repair-$3,229.50; Subway, Planning Meals-$44.94; Sun Gold Sports, Supplies-$342.50; Tessier’s, Labor-$3,097.26; Thomas L Price, Professional Service-$350.00; Thomson Reuters West, Subscription-$1,033.43; Thune True Value Hardware, Supplies-$84.01; Tim’s Towing & Recovery, Tow-$145.00; TK Electric, Supplies-$156.34; TMA Stores, Repair-$67.55; Tractor Supply Credit Plan, Supplies-$95.98; Traffic Control, Supplies-$2,175.00; Travis Platt, Reimbursement-$150.03; Upper Midwest Garage Door, Supplies-$4,716.52; Verizon Wireless, Utilities-$756.70 ; Vern Eide Ford Lincoln, Repair-$43.45; Walmart/Capital One, Supplies-$55.42; Wholesale Electronics, Supplies-$149.00; Zimco Supply, Supplies-$360.00. Members present voting aye: Allen, Barington, Doescher, McCardle, Rice, Sabers, Smith, Tjarks. Members present voting nay: none. Motion carried. CITIZENS INPUT: Geri Beck, Tiffany Batdorf, and Dave Lambert representing MADC, CVB, and Regional Development presented the 2nd Quarterly Report for 2022. Mayor Everson stated there will be an informational lake meeting at the Day Camp on Wednesday, July 27th. Mitchell resident, Reed Bender, stated to Council he had concerns with special interests and government. BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT: Moved by Allen, seconded by Barington, for the City Council to recess and sit as the Board of Adjustment. Motion carried. It was advised that this is the date and time set for hearing on the application of Vander Hamm Motorsports for a conditional use permit to operate an automotive repair services facility located at 2951 South Rowley Street, legally described as Lot 11, Iverson’s Addition in the SE ¼ of Section 33, T 103 N, R 60 W of the 5th P.M., Davison County, South Dakota. The property is zoned UD Urban Development District. The Planning Commission recommended approval of said application. Moved by McCardle, seconded by Smith, to postpone action on said application. Motion carried. Moved by Allen, seconded by Rice, to set date for August 1, 2022 on the application of Ethan Coop Lumber on behalf of Darwin and Pat Kreth for a variance for a combination of attached and detached accessory buildings of 3,036 square feet vs 1,050 square feet to build a new detached accessory building of 1,656 square feet located at 2709 Mentzer Court, legally described as Lots 5 & 6, Block 3, Woodland Heights 1st Addition, City of Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota. Motion carried. Moved by Barington, seconded by Tjarks, for the Board of Adjustment to adjourn and the City Council to reconvene in regular session. Motion carried. CONSIDER APPROVAL: Moved by Rice, seconded by McCardle, to approve the application for renewal of Malt Beverage License for JLIN Crafts, LLC dba Board & Brush. Motion carried. Moved by Rice, seconded by Tjarks, to approve acknowledgement and waiver in relation to the 514 North Main property. Motion carried, RESOLUTIONS: Moved by Tjarks, seconded by Smith, to approve Resolution #R2022-43, SDDOT BIG Application for Canal Bridge Project #2022-21, as follows: RESOLUTION #R2022-43 A RESOLUTION APPROVING APPLICATION FOR A BRIDGE IMPROVEMENT PRELIMINARY ENGINEERING GRANT WITH THE SOUTH DAKOTA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION WITH THE CITY OF MITCHELL, SD WHEREAS the City of Mitchell wishes to submit an application for consideration of award for the Bridge Improvement Grant and/or Local Federal Bridge Programs: Structure Number and Location: Structure No. 18-129-060 Location: 2.1 miles W and 4.0 Miles N of Mitchell, SD over Lake Mitchell Canal. WHEREAS the City of Mitchell agrees to pay the 20% match on the Bridge Improvement Grant funds and/or 0.0% match on the Local Federal Bridge funds; WHEREAS the City of Mitchell hereby authorizes the Bridge Improvement Grant and Local Federal Bridge application and any required funding commitments. THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the South Dakota Department of Transportation be and hereby is requested to accept the attached Bridge Improvement Grant and/or Local Federal Bridge application presented to Council on July 18, 2022 are hereby approved. Motion carried and resolution declared duly adopted. Moved by McCardle, seconded by Rice, to approve Resolution #R2022-44, a Resolution of Support for a Housing Infrastructure Financing Program Grant with the South Dakota Housing Development Authority, as follows: RESOLUTION #R2022-44 A RESOLUTION IN RELATION TO MITCHELL AREA HOUSING INCORPORATED’S APPLICATION FOR A HOUSING INFRASTRUCURE FINANCING PROGRAM GRANT WITH THE SOUTH DAKOTA HOUSING DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY WHEREAS, Mitchell Area Housing Inc., (MAHI) desires to apply for a Housing Infrastructure Financing Program (HIFP) grant through the South Dakota Housing Development Authority; and WHEREAS, the intended development in relation to the grant is identified as Phase 1 of the South Lake Estates Housing Development; and WHEREAS, one of the requirements of said application is a resolution of the City that the proposed infrastructure for the project meets the City’s requirements and will be owned and maintained by the City. The resolution is also required to confirm that there is capacity for the new wastewater lines in the project; and WHEREAS, SPN Consulting Engineers (SPN) has provided preliminary plans for the infrastructure of Phase 1 of South Lake Estates Housing Development, City staff has had the opportunity to review such preliminary plans; and WHEREAS, such preliminary plans appear to meet City requirements, will be owned and maintained by the City, and there will be adequate capacity for the new wastewater lines in the project; and THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Mitchell, SD that in relation to the proposed application of MAHI for the Phase 1 South Lake Estates Housing Development, the City has received and reviewed preliminary plans provided by SPN, and that such preliminary plans appear to meet City requirements, will be owned and maintained by the City following final review of stamped plans and construction, and there will be adequate capacity for the new wastewater lines in the project. Motion carried and resolution declared duly adopted. Moved by McCardle, seconded by Sabers, to approve Resolution #R2022-45, a Resolution Amending the 2022 Compensation Plan for the City of Mitchell, as follows: RESOLUTION #R2022-45 A RESOLUTION AMENDING THE 2022 COMPENSATION PLAN FOR THE CITY OF MITCHELL BE IT RESOLVED, THAT THE FOLLOWING CHANGES TO THE 2022 COMPENSATION PLAN FOR THE CITY OF MITCHELL BE APPROVED FOR FY2022. The purpose of the salary schedule is to establish the base compensation for employees, officers, and elected officials. Each approved grade that contains steps, allow employees to progress through the wage range annually, based on performance. The adopted compensation plan is the base pay provisions for the City of Mitchell, and does not reflect additional agreements made as part of collective bargaining unit agreements approved by the City of Mitchell. APPOINTED/ HIRED FULL TIME POSITIONS Dept Job Title Wage Grade FLSA Status Administration Administrative Coordinator 16 E Motion carried and resolution declared duly adopted. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Moved by Rice, seconded by Allen, to go into Executive Session as permitted by SDCL 1-25-2(1) Personnel, SDCL 1-25-2(3) Legal, and SDCL 1-25-2(4) Employee Negotiations. Motion carried. Mayor Everson declared the board out of executive session at 7:46 p.m. and the City Council to reconvene in regular session at 7:47 p.m. ADJOURN: There being no further business to come before the meeting, Mayor Everson adjourned the meeting.