One of the Best-Preserved Dinosaurs Of All Time Found in

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Professor Brian Pickles and paleontologist Caleb Brown stand next to the exposed parts of their newly-discovered fossil. (Photo: Melissa Dergousoff/University of Reading)
When we think of dinosaur fossils, we often think of footprints preserved in sandstone, or bones carefully displayed inside a museum. But what

Short Top Gun Maverick Unreal Engine 5 Showcase Looks

A short Top Gun Maverick Unreal Engine 5 showcase has been released, and it’s looking absolutely stellar.

Created by Nikolas ‘Maverick’ Samborsky, Senior Cinematic Artist at OwlcatGames, this 20 seconds concept is part of a  cinematic short dedicated to Top Gun. This showcase is a recreation of Top Gun Maverick within Epic’s new game engine, using some shots from

This Week in Space: Honors Aboard the International Space

Happy Friday, dear reader. Welcome back to This Week in Space, where we round up the major happenings from LEO to the Oort Cloud and all points west. NASA is still working to get the Artemis moon rocket into the air, but they’ve set another launch date. In contrast, the European Space Agency will make history next week when Samantha

Intel Core i9-13900K Raptor Lake CPU Pre-Launch Review Shows

Intel’s Core i9-13900K won’t be launching till next month but Enthusiast Citizen has managed to post a full review of the flagship Raptor Lake CPU.

Intel Core i9-13900K Raptor Lake CPU Review Shows Big Gains In Multi-Threading, Decent Gains In Gaming, All At The Cost of Higher Power

We have already seen a ton of Intel Core i9-13900K and other

Bombshell: EVGA Terminates Relationship with Nvidia

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In what can only be described as a shocking revelation, EVGA has announced it is terminating its partnership with Nvidia. It will no longer make or sell Nvidia-based GPUs, period. The news comes from Gamers Nexus, which got the info straight from EVGA’s CEO. The

Battlefield 2042 Devs Didn’t Iterate Enough, New Games Will

Where did Battlefield 2042 go wrong? It’s a question many have asked since Battlefield 2042’s near-disastrous launch last year, and Vince Zampella has probably thought about it more than most. The Respawn Entertainment founder was put in charge of Battlefield following last year’s stumbles, and in a new interview with Barron’s, he chalked up Battlefield 2042’s issues to a lack