Amazon Alexa unveils new technology that can mimic voices,

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Propped atop a bedside table during this week’s Amazon tech summit, an Echo Dot was asked to complete a task: “Alexa, can Grandma finish reading me ‘The Wizard of Oz’?”

Alexa’s typically cheery voice boomed from the kids-themed smart speaker with a panda design: “Okay!” Then, as the device began narrating a scene of the

Soon You Will Be One With Your Personal Tech Toys

Personal Tech Toys : Computer human interfaces are what is needed for the future. Using a keyboard to input data is a very slow process. If you use voice recognition or speech recognition software, it is three times as fast, and each year it is getting more accurate. Indeed, it may currently be more accurate than your ability to type

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing Review

Marketing Review : FHTM is short for Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, Inc. It is a company that gives people an opportunity to have their own home based business. There is quite a few products that a person can buy and sell. Anyone can become a FHTM Independent Representative. It does not matter what kind of experience, current financial situation. or education.

7 Main Reasons for Buying a Laptop Online

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Buying a Laptop Online : Laptops are turning quite trendy with users just because they promise to have excellent portability. In the small pack, one can enjoy ease & performance at the same time.