6 Dangerous Virus Infecting Android

Dangerous Virus Infecting So far, not a few think that viruses can only infect computers, especially those with the Windows operating system. But you need to know that there are also viruses that can threaten gadgets with Android OS. The following are some types of viruses that are dangerous on the Android operating system:

Trojan: These viruses serve as “shields” …

Hardware AI Accelerators

Hardware AI Accelerators In this article, Alastair Lowe provides an overview of the background and technical requirements of AI accelerators – data processors that are specifically designed to perform hardware-accelerated AI tasks.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are booming technology areas that already impact our daily lives in many ways. For example, AI is already use in diverse …

Nvidia Announces Jetson Orin Nano, Updates Isaac Nova Orin

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During the Nvidia keynote at GTC today, the company unveiled its new Jetson Orin Nano system-on-module (SOM) and announced updates to its Nova Orin robot reference platform.

At $199, the new Orin Nano is more expensive than the older Xavier-based Jetson Nano. Nvidia claims that

Russia Hints It Could Shoot Down SpaceX Starlink Satellites

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The number of satellites orbiting Earth has increased dramatically in recent years, but Russia says some of those objects could become military targets if the US and its allies don’t change course. The veiled threat doesn’t call out Elon Musk’s SpaceX by name, but Russian

One of the Best-Preserved Dinosaurs Of All Time Found in

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Professor Brian Pickles and paleontologist Caleb Brown stand next to the exposed parts of their newly-discovered fossil. (Photo: Melissa Dergousoff/University of Reading)
When we think of dinosaur fossils, we often think of footprints preserved in sandstone, or bones carefully displayed inside a museum. But what

This Week in Space: Honors Aboard the International Space

Happy Friday, dear reader. Welcome back to This Week in Space, where we round up the major happenings from LEO to the Oort Cloud and all points west. NASA is still working to get the Artemis moon rocket into the air, but they’ve set another launch date. In contrast, the European Space Agency will make history next week when Samantha