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Advertising Services by Lapps Barns

1. Content Placement Content placement is a service where we publish content provided by the client.

Suitable for those who have their own content writers and seek high flexibility over the content to be written.

2. Paid Reviews Paid reviews are a service where we write content for clients based on the brief and perspective provided by the client.

Suitable for those without their own content writers and seeking to create engaging content for Lapps Barn readers.

Terms and Conditions: Content Placement & Paid Reviews

Articles are aimed to be more educational/informative rather than hard-selling, as hard-selling content tends to be less appealing to the audience. Article topics can be discussed and reviewed together. Article content will have a disclosure tag at the end, indicating that this is a paid content placement/review. This is to ensure transparency on our part as a media platform. Links within the article that direct to the client’s website will be marked with rel=”sponsored” as per Google guidelines if there’s any payment from other sites for link placement. Contact Us For more information, please feel free to contact us.