6 Dangerous Virus Infecting Android

Dangerous Virus Infecting So far, not a few think that viruses can only infect computers, especially those with the Windows operating system. But you need to know that there are also viruses that can threaten gadgets with Android OS. The following are some types of viruses that are dangerous on the Android operating system:

Trojan: These viruses serve as “shields” for other malware, often without the user being aware of it. Trojans can exploit system vulnerabilities or steal personal information, aka user data.

6 Dangerous Virus Infecting Android


This virus can lock the Android device and demand a ransom to make the device usable again.


This virus is spread through free applications that display intrusive advertisements or redirect users to phishing websites.


This virus can collect users’ personal information, such as phone numbers, contacts, and browsing history.


This virus seeks to gain root access on Android devices and hides its presence, making it difficult to identify and remove.

Fileless malware:

This virus is based on scripts or code, not based on files installed on the device, making it more difficult to identify

and remove.

Those are some kinds of dangerous viruses that can infect your favorite cellphone. Hence make sure to be careful while downloading files from the internet.

Special tips.

There are several ways you can make your Android device safe from viruses:

Avoid downloading apps from untrusted sources:
Download apps only from Google Play Store or other trusted sources. Do not download applications from unknown websites or from links sent in text messages or emails.
Keep your device software up-to-date:

Make sure your device is always running the latest software version, as these often include security patches to fix security holes.

Maintain good privacy settings:

Some apps may ask for unnecessary permissions to access your personal data. Make sure to always read the permissions granted and limit access to only those apps that are absolutely necessary.

Running antivirus:

Download and run an antivirus app on your device to scan downloaded apps and protect against virus attacks.

Backing up data:

Be sure to back up your personal data regularly so that in case of virus damage, you can restore your data easily.

Avoid clicking on unknown links:

Never click on a link received in an unfamiliar text message or email, as this can redirect you to unsafe websites or download malware to your device.

Those are tips that can be done to prevent your favorite gadget from getting a virus. Hopefully useful!