Scholarships for STEM subjects: Fund your future in STEM

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Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines are flourishing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, STEM professionals earned a median annual salary of $95,420 in 2021. That totals more than double the median salary for non-STEM employees. 

But you typically must earn a college degree to access STEM’s most lucrative jobs. Many

Top differences between the software and hardware wallets

Have you ever thought of how you’d feel if peradventure you lose your assets? Maybe you lost your wallet, or your assets were withdrawn without your consent, or your wallet was hacked? How do you think you’d feel? You must note that as much as you keep buying more crypto, you also make a conscious effort to keep your holdings

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Virtual assistants usually hog the spotlight when it comes to talk of artificial intelligence software on smartphones and tablets. But Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Samsung’s Bixby and company aren’t the only tools using machine learning to make life easier — other common programs use the technology, too. Here’s a quick tour through some common A.I.-driven apps and how you can

Types of Malware and How to Protect Your Organization

Illustration of a skull made of code with the word malware written over it.
All types of malware need to be taken seriously!

The types of malware in existence are vast. The term itself is a catch-all for any malicious software. According to DataProt, 560,000 forms of new malware get discovered in the wild each day. These rates are also growing annually. Some malware can be crude, while others can be elegant in

How Much Apple Pays Developers, Engineers, Analysts, and


Apple store employees wait for customers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2014.

Apple store employees wait for customers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2014.


Electrical engineers
Design verification engineer: $126,493 to $180,000
Engineering project manager: $140,000 to $195,000
FE engineer: $123,557 to $154,185
Hardware systems engineer: $130,000 to $195,000
Power engineer: $161,000 to $179,566
RF/analog/mixed signal engineer: $153,470 to $156,398
Systems design engineer: $134,307 to